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Kaye Page Nichols updates historical data 2009

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This excellent new account compiled in 2009 contains the most current research and findings on the lives of our ancestors John Thomas Geary and Sophia Fryer. It sheds much new light on these stalwart pioneers and clarifies a few misconceptions in previous accounts of their lives. The record is well-researched with new photos and copies of actual documents of their marriage etc. As a family we are indebted to Kaye Nichols for his expertise and tireless efforts to bring this new information to light.

Click to Open PDF file of the complete "History of John Thomas Geary and Sophia Fryer" by Kaye Page Nichols, 2009.


John Thomas GearyThis effort was a personal challenge for me. In conversing with my mother, Pearl Page Nichols, about her paternal heritage, she knew very little about the Geary side of her family. I determined that while she is still living, I would make this a project for my personal family research, so that I can share with her what I have found.

In the course of my research, I became acquainted with Andrea Conley, and Vernetta Page Marshall, who are also descendants of John Thomas Geary and Sophia Fryer. We have collaborated on some material of common interest. It was Andrea that acquainted me with the booklet “Fate of the Fryers” by Bessie Snow, who was a grand daughter of Jane Fryer, a sister to our ancestor, Sophia Fryer. In my reading of the story of the Fryer’s and the Geary’s my interest was piqued and I began to question some of what I was reading in Bessie’s booklet. My investigation revealed some facts which vary from that of the story by Bessie Snow. It is not my intent to disparage her account, as it was what was available to her at the time she wrote it. Our ability today to correspond by electronic means and to search many databases online, gives us a great advantage over what was unavailable to previous generations. I have given source information in as detailed a fashion as I could, so that future investigators can go right to the sources which I have used.

Hopefully, Bessie is now conversing with those about whom she wrote, and they are clarifying for her the facts of her heritage. In due time, I can envision that I too will confront these same ancestors, and they will be able to correct my perceptions of reality. Together we can both revel in the realization that the gospel of Jesus Christ was what these ancestors sought for and embraced so that our generation can enjoy the fullness of the gospel, as revealed and practiced in this day and age. Their toils and deprivations, their example and convictions, their heartaches and joys, and the fruits of their labors are what we are building upon today. As we come closer to the day when we will personally join with them in realizing our pre-existent knowledge of the great plan of redemption, we can hope that what we learn about them here in this sphere of our existence will help us to recognize them when we again meet them and can embrace them here on this earth.

In further assistance to me has been Jeanette Page Saltzman, daughter of Richard J. Page, one of my first cousins. Jeanette is living in London with her family, and she has been able to provide me photos, document research, and British perspective of events and much more. This has given me a greater appreciation for John & Sophia Geary, and their early reception to teachings of the restored gospel.
I feel as though I have come to a better understanding of Sophia and John, and I am much closer to them now than before I started this investigation. Any mistakes or errors in interpretations of the facts herein are mine, and critics may discard or accept as they please any items in my musings.

-- Kaye Page Nichols, February 2009

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Click to Open PDF file of the complete "History of John Thomas Geary and Sophia Fryer" by Kaye Page Nichols, 2009.
Kaye Nichols, Andrea Lee Conley and Kenneth Bailey
Kaye page Nichols, Andrea Lee Conley, and Kenneth Bailey collaborated on the Geary/ Fryer research.

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